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Presentation of the Rid-e wheelchair in the Kladruby rehabilitation institute as part of the Sports Games event. This was the very first time Rid-e was presented to the public.

Hand-over of Rid-e to Mr Ladislav Obořil

The Club of History Seekers from the Pardubice Region (Hledači historie Pardubicko) organised a public fund raising event for their member, Vladimír Obořil. The photograph shows the wheelchair hand-over.

Rid-e Český Krumlov

The Rid-e promotion event in Český Krumlov. As part of the event, Rid-e wheelchairs were lent out to tourists.

Round Lipno

The Members of the Czech Parliament, Stanislav Berkovec and Stanislav Huml, organised a round tour bypassing the Lipno water dam in Rid-e wheelchairs, on handbikes (special bicycles for handicapped people) and electro-bikes. The goal of the event was to hand-over a Rid-e wheelchair to Mr Stanislav Rufer for life-long use by the association Černí koně (Black Horses). The acquisition of the wheelchair was funded by the ČEZ foundation. The certificate for obtaining Rid-e was handed over by the then Minister of Industry and Trade, Jan Mládek.

Kladruby 2015

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