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IKbike s r.o.

IKbike s.r.o. was founded in December 2014, for a single specific purpose – to design, produce and sell a vehicle that would help old age people and people with disabilities move faster and better. A vehicle that would help them gain independence and make them active partners of healthy population. Thus, the RID-E project came to life, the combination of a mechanical wheelchair and an electric drive.


The founder of the company, Ivo Kaštan is the former professional motorbike racer, who participated nine times in Dakar Rally on his motorbike and who broke the speed record on the Monkey motorbike in 2009. His life motto is “the journey is the aim….”


One day, as he was driving along a street, he met an old woman on a slow electric wheelchair moving in the traffic at the speed of a slow walk and he started to conceptualise a wheelchair that would be fast, safe, useful and make disabled people feel the wind in their hair again. Thus, the prototype of Rid-e was designed..

In mid-2015, the first wheelchair left our assembly shop and went to the new owner.

In 2017, we took 3rd. place in the Company of the Year competition in Vysočina Region! And currently we're among finalists of Start-up of the year competition.

Rid-e wheelchair

Rid-e is a combination of a stable, robust chassis with a comfortable anatomic sport seat and a powerful electric drive. Thanks to its thoroughly thought-out design, this latest addition to the segment of electric wheelchairs is an ideal transport vehicle for various needs in everyday life as well as free time activities. Rid-e is designed to stand up to the difficulties posed by city traffic as well as various terrains, which makes it a perfect vehicle for going for a ride to the country. Simple control and driving stability, safe riding, surprisingly powerful engine and above-average li-ion battery life together with an attractive design are the main characteristics of Rid-e, the unique transport vehicle designed not only for people with lower limbs disabilities but also for old people in general. In addition, after removing the drive unit, the chassis may be used as a separate mechanical wheelchair. The mechanical wheelchair is a product of KURY s.r.o. – a long term Czech manufacturer of mechanical wheelchairs.


Rid-e wheelchairs succeeded in the Start-up program Master JIC

(South-Moravian Innovation Centre).

Rid-e wheelchairs received the Deloitte Noted certificate

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